There are 2 current positions open, and 2 more will be open the end of the Summer. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact a member of the Executive.

President Darrell Humeniuk (Position vacant after Summer 2017) E-mail 467-7122
Vice-President Baseball Kent KlimpkeĀ (Position vacant after Summer 2017) E-mail 467-7719
Vice-President Softball Darrell Grantham E-mail 952-0060
Treasurer / Registrar Nikki Morton E-mail 467-2057
Secretary Curtis Fines E-mail 467-7658
Umpire Manager PositionĀ Vacant
Tournament Coordinator PositionĀ Vacant
Equipment Manager Scott Myers E-mail 467-8528
Uniform Manager Andrew Kirk E-mail 461-0313
Interlake Representative Blaine Shewchuk E-mail 467-7685
Website Manager Ian Proven E-mail 467-2253