2016 Baseball Coaching Requirements

Please see the attached coaching requirements for all levels of coaches from Rally Cap to Midget.  Please make sure that this goes out to all your baseball coaches at every level.  There are courses being offered in the Interlake for all the levels and if you can not make those go to the Baseball Manitoba website and there are a list of different locations and dates you can attend.  They only run courses till the end of May so you will not be able to get courses in June so please get your courses in as soon as you possibly can.

There will be NO EXCEPTIONS, by Baseball MB, to the rule that if you do not have certified coaches they will be removed from the roster and the team will be removed from regional and or provincial play.  As was discussed at the AGM, it is up to the individual organizations first to please insure that your coaches are certified.  The only way Interlake Minor Ball can check coaching certification is through Baseball MB and they may not check certifications till after Regional play is complete.

Darrell Humeniuk
VP Baseball, IMB