Coaching Clinics at Stonewall Collegiate

The coaching clinics have been posted on the NCCP website. They will be held at the Stonewall Collegiate. The on field initiation clinic will be Friday May 6th, starting at 6:00pm. They will be required to pay the $25 before the clinic starts. Cheques are made out to Baseball Mb and cash will also be accepted. Coaches that do not have a profile set up on NCCP will have to contact Brenda at Baseball Mb (204-925-5763) to get one set up. They will also be required to take the online initiation course before they can sign up for the on field clinic. They must sign up for this clinic online not through me.

The My First Pitch Clinic for the Mosquito Coaches that will be taking the Initiation Clinic will also be offered on Friday May 6th following the Initiation Clinic. This is open to all coaches not just Mosquito coaches. There is no charge for the My First Pitch Clinic. If there is Mosquito coaches that are already certified and need the My first Pitch Clinic let me know and maybe I can make some arrangements to get them certified at a later date.

To check what courses you need for the level you are coaching, go to

Stonewall Baseball Coaching Courses & Times

Brenda Horz

Course Date & Time Location Cost To Register, Contact
Initiation Coach Clinic May 6/16 @ 6:00pm Stonewall Collegiate 25 Brenda Horz
Teaching and Learning Clinic May 7/16 @ 8:30am Stonewall Collegiate 40 Brenda Horz
Absolutes Clinic May 7/16 @ 1:00pm Stonewall Collegiate 40 Brenda Horz
Planning Clinic May 8/16 @ 8:30am Stonewall Collegiate 40 Brenda Horz
Pitching and Catching Clinic May 8/16 @ 12:00pm Stonewall Collegiate 40 Brenda Horz
Strategies Clinic May 8/16 @ 3:00pm Stonewall Collegiate 40 Brenda Horz


Let me know if you have any questions.

Blaine Fortin
President IMB